Aeon Labs DSC18103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch, 2nd Edition

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Aeon Labs DSC18103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch, 2nd Edition
Compatibility Unofficial - User Verified
Manufacturer Aeon Labs
Model/Part # DSC18103-ZWUS
Network Type ZWave
Category(s) Lights & Power
Type(s) Switch
Sub-Type(s) Other
Files AL_SES_G2_Manual_V15.pdf

Dimmable Xmark.png
Weatherproof Xmark.png
RGB Xmark.png
Tunable White Xmark.png
It Speaks Xmark.png
Touchscreen Xmark.png
Voice-Controlled Xmark.png

CONFIRMED WORKING: Unofficial - User Verified

Aeon Labs DSC18103-ZWUS Z-Wave Micro Smart Energy Switch, 2nd Edition

Key Features

  • 2nd Edition. The new Micro Smart Switch is one of Aeotec's 2nd edition products. Each has been rebuilt from the inside out, reducing their size while embedding into them the latest Z-Wave firmware and commands. That empowers them with everything from enhanced stability to Z-Wave's Explorer Frames.
  • 3 way wiring compatible. Wiring isn't always straightforward and while the Micro Smart Switch will work with simple wiring, it'll also work with complex, 3-wire / 3-way installations for lights and appliances.
  • Use your existing switches. Just because you want enhance your switches, doesn't mean you want to change your physically change them. Each Micro Smart Switch works with your existing light switches, allowing for invisible installation that suits your décor perfectly.
  • Small in size. There usually isn't much space behind your light switches, that's why we've reduced the size of our 2nd edition Micro Smart Switch. It's now only 1.8cm deep, helping to ensure world wide compatibility. Simple installation. Some home automation installations require a lot of expensive cables to be installed. Not so with Aeotec's. The Micro Smart Switch utilises your existing wires, and can be easily installed with little more than a screwdriver.
  • Precise control. Rooms don't have just one appliance - it's likely that areas like your home theatre have multiple switches. That's why the Micro Smart Switch can be part of a scene, allowing you to group switches together so they work in sync and talk to each other effortlessly. Smart energy. Record and understand just how much money your appliances are costing you, and then use the automation and intelligence features of Z-Wave to save energy and reduce your bills. Each Micro Smart Switch comes with its own inbuilt energy meter.