Aeon Labs Z-Wave Minimote

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Aeon Labs DSA03202 v1 Z-Wave Minimote
Compatibility Unofficial - User Verified
Manufacturer Aeon Labs
Model/Part # DSA03202
Network Type ZWave
Category(s) Hubs & Controllers
Type(s) Remote
Files Z_Wave_RemoteController_Instructions.pdf

Dimmable Xmark.png
Weatherproof Xmark.png
RGB Xmark.png
Tunable White Xmark.png
It Speaks Xmark.png
Touchscreen Xmark.png
Voice-Controlled Xmark.png

CONFIRMED WORKING: Unofficial - User Verified

Aeon Labs DSA03202 v1 Z-Wave Minimote
This device does nothing on its own. See below for details


This device is used to link a Linear/2gig WD500Z-1 Z-Wave Wall Dimmer or Linear WS15Z-1 Z-Wave Wall Switch to a Linear/2gig WT00Z-1 Z-Wave 3-Way Wall Switch to create a virtual 3-way circuit.

Pair this device as a generic zwave device to your Wink Hub then follow the instructions below to create the virtual circuit.

  1. Paired both switches to your Wink Hub
  2. Paired Minimote to your Wink Hub
    1. Got to the "Hubs" screen and tap the 3-dots, then select your hub.
    2. Tap "Z-Wave Controls"
    3. Tap "Inclusion Mode"
    4. Press the "Join" button on your Minimote.
  3. Clicked "Associate" button on Minimote
  4. Double clicked the up or down paddle on your main (WD500z or WS15z) switch
  5. Double clicked the up or down paddle on your aux switch (WT00z)

How To: Linear Virtual 3-way (or more) Switch Setup