Detect Motion with an Android device

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This is a stand-alone project but can be used in conjunction with my Tasker Wink Integration Project to make a phone or tablet wake up automatically when it senses a presence nearby.

Required Software

  1. the project file for my Motion Detection Project.
  2. Tasker
    • If Tasker is not available in the Play Store using the links below, you can download it directly from the developer's website. They play store version is more convenient because of automatic updates, but essentially the same as the version here... Tasker Download
  3. Motion Detector
    • This is what tells Tasker that motion has been seen.
  4. Secure Settings
    • This is what allows Tasker to turn the screen on.


Disclaimer: These are the 5-minute instructions to get the page created. If there are issues reported by those using it, I will update as needed.

  1. Install Motion Detector from the Play Store
  2. Open Motion Detector and set these settings for the simplest operation. NOTIFICATION is the only required setting, the rest are optional.
    1. Register -> Picture = "Off" (optional)
    2. Signaling -> Signal = "Off" (optional)
    3. Events -> Event = "Off" (optional)
    4. Notification
      1. Send = "ON" (REQUIRED!)
      2. Receive = checked (REQUIRED!)
    5. Exit Motion Detector
  3. Install Secure Settings form the Play Store
    • You may need the "Pro" version. It's been so long that I no longer remember what is included in the free version.
  4. Open Secure Settings
    1. Click the wrench icon on the top right.
      • Make sure "Device Administrator" is checked. Check it if it is not.
    2. Tap the "OPTIONS" header, Then expand "Actions".
      • Make sure "Wake Device" is checked.
    3. Exit Secure Settings
  5. Install Tasker
  6. Open Tasker and go to Menu -> Preferences
      • On the UI tab, make sure "Beginner Mode" is NOT checked. I also turn tips off. That part is up to you.
      • Go over to the MISC tab. Make sure "Allow External Access IS checked. Make sure "Reduce Resource Usage" is NOT checked.
    1. Back out of Preferences to the Tasker main screen
    2. Long Press one of the icons on the project bar along the bottom of the screen. default is a house icon.
      1. When the menu pops up, choose "Import" and navigate to where you downloaded my project.
      2. Selected the Motion Detector project.
      • You should now have a "Motion Detector" tab on the bottom. It's Icon is a pair of Binoculars. Tap the that tab to get into project.
  7. Back completely out of Tasker using the back button. Not doing this, or just pressing home, will result in the process not completing.


This does not good if you have your phone set to never sleep if plugged in.

I have the main profile set up to start Motion Detector if...

  • The screen in off
  • AND The device is connected to a power source
  • AND The time is between 7am and 11pm

I'd leave that as it is with the exception of the Time context. If you'd prefer to have it going all of the time, just long-press the Time context and choose Delete. You can also just leave it there, but change the times from 12:00am to 11:59pm. You can also delete the power context, but it will suck the battery dry pretty quick if it's not plugged in.

To Test Turn the screen off and wave your have in front of it. The screen should come back on. For testing purposes, set your screen timeout to something short like 5 seconds so that you don't need to wait a long time for it to turn off.