Elektronik FLS-PP Zigbee Power PWM interface for RGBW and RGB lights

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Elektronik FLS-PP Zigbee Power PWM interface for RGBW and RGB lights
Compatibility Unofficial - User Verified
Manufacturer Elektronik
Model/Part # FLS-PP
Network Type Zigbee
Category(s) Lights & Power
Type(s) Switch
Light Bulb
Sub-Type(s) Other
Tunable White

Dimmable Checkmark.png
Weatherproof Xmark.png
RGB Checkmark.png
Tunable White Checkmark.png
It Speaks Xmark.png
Touchscreen Xmark.png
Voice-Controlled Xmark.png

CONFIRMED WORKING: Unofficial - User Verified

Elektronik FLS-PP Zigbee Power PWM interface for RGBW and RGB lights


The FLS-PP lp is a wireless electronic ballast in a low profile case with 4x PWM output channels. It is suitable for 12/24V RGB and RGBW LED light strip luminaires with common anode (COM+).

You can easily integrate the wireless ballast from dresden elektronik into your system. With a marvellous max. output current of 6A you can use LED stripes up to 10m length (for example 12VDC LED stripe with 30 LEDs/m, 7.2W/m).

Features: on/off, dimming, smooth continuously color control and adjustable white, light groups and scenes. The FLS-PP lp is compatible with ZigBee gateways like OSRAM Lightify, SmartThings and the RaspBee gateway from dresden elektronik


  • suitable for 12/24V RGB and RGBW luminaires with a max. output current of 6A (max. 72W@12V and 144W@24V)
  • supports all features like on/off, dimming, color tone adjustment, adjustable white, grouping lights, saving and using predefined scenes
  • Controlling via smartphone, tablet or PC by a web application. Works directly with Wink or Hue hub
  • ZigBee Light Link certified product


Pair this as a Generic Zigbee bulb (some users have said pairing it directly to Wink only provides white on/off/dim, and no color control). Pair to your Philips Hue hub and add it to Wink that way for full color control.


  • Power Supply
    • For a single 5m light strip, you can use the 3A wall plug linked below
    • For 2x 5m strips, use the 5A power supply linked below
  • You can just clip the end off whichever power supply you get and put the ends into the controller, but I would highly recommend getting the pigtails linked below for a safer, more aesthetic option that also allows for easy unplugging if needed.
  • LED Strips
    • The linked RGB strips produce all RGB colors and a pretty good "white" when all 3 colors are on.
    • If you need a more precise "white", the RGBWW, linked below, have alternating RGB and Warm White LEDS instead of making white by mixing the colors.
  • It is not recommended that you connect more than 2 strips to a single controller.



  1. Although I do my best to verify every product that is reported as compatible, things do change.
    • Firmware updates to either hub might render previously-compatible devices inoperable. Usually, problems like this are reported and addressed by Wink.
  2. Inclusion in this Wiki is a very good indicator of compatibility, but is not a guarantee.
    • One thing to be aware of is that "ZWave Plus" devices might not work with the Wink Hub (1st version), though they should work with the Wink Hub 2.
  3. I use a Wink Hub 2 as my primary controller.
    • My testing is done on the Wink Hub 2.
    • I try to find out if devices reported by others are Hub 1 or Hub 2, but I'm not always able to find out.
  4. I am a beta tester.
    • This means my hub might work with a device that won't work for the general public.
    • I try to avoid adding article for devices that are only compatible with the Wink beta firmware, but sometimes, something slips through.
    • If I report that it works, but it does not work for you, chances are it will start working for you in the near future.