Hook an Ecobee3 (or any Thermostat) to a GE Zoneline Heat Pump Model 3800

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by Paul Ferrara

Hooking up Ecobee3 to a GE Zoneline Heat Pump Model 3800 (Model number AZ38H15DABM1)

The GE Zoneline is a through the wall heat pump with AUX heating element that provides air conditioning and heat. Think of the style of HVAC unit found in most hotel rooms. This unit has the capability of being controlled by a remote thermostat. This is how I got it to work.

DISCLAIMER: Do this at your own risk. If connections or configuration is improper, it may damage the Zoneline unit, the Ecobee, or both.


  1. TURN OFF POWER to the Zoneline unit.
  2. Remove front cover from Zoneline unit. Pull the bottom of the panel outwards towards you, then lift the plastic panel from the unit.
  3. Locate the thermostat connection terminal block. It is under a cover that is secured by a screw. This cover is located directly under the unit control panel.
  4. Hook up wires to the terminals: R, Gh (for high speed fan) or Gl (for low speed fan), B, Y, W, C on the Zoneline unit. Choose only one G(x) terminal on the Zoneline unit.
  5. Hook up the corresponding wires from the Zoneline to the thermostat terminals G, Y1, W1, B/O, Rh, C on the Ecobee wiring plate.
  6. Turn on dip switch 4 on the left bank of the Zoneline to enable remote control operation for the Zoneline. This will disable the unit's own control panel. The dip switches are located immediately to the right of the terminal block.
  7. Snap thermostat onto the backing plate and restore power to the Zoneline unit. Thermostat will boot up.

Thermostat configuration

These steps are for an Ecobee3. Instructions will differ for other thermostats.

  1. After boot, enter main menu
  2. Select SETTINGS
  4. Select EQUIPMENT
  6. Ecobee asks if Rh and Rh and Rc are connected, select Rh only. Click NEXT.
  7. Ecobee shows detected wiring. Make sure the thermostat shows the G, Y1, W1, O/B, Rh and C wires show connected. If not, power down Zoneline unit and double check all connections on both sides. If correct, click YES when the Ecobee prompts if it is correct.
  8. Ecobee asks for accessories. Select NO and click NEXT.
  9. Ecobee then displays the equipment configuration screen. Ensure the Ecobee shows 1 STAGE HEAT PUMP, 1 STAGE AUXILIARY HEATING, and FAN.
  10. Select 1 STAGE HEAT PUMP. Make sure AIR TO AIR is selected. Click NEXT.
  11. Ecobee then asks how the O/B reversing valve is energized. Make sure ON HEAT is selected. Click NEXT.
  12. Select 1 STAGE HEATING. Make sure FURNACE is selected. Click NEXT.
  13. Select FAN. Make sure THERMOSTAT is selected. Click NEXT.
  14. Click DONE.
  15. Click the BACK ARROW to return to INSTALLATION SETTINGS screen.
  16. Select TEST EQUIPMENT. Dismiss warning dialog.
  17. Test each function to make sure it is working. You may have to wait 3-4 minutes between changing from cooling to heat mode as the Zoneline unit has a protection circuit to prevent the compressor from rapid cycling.

Finishing up

  1. Re attach terminal block cover with screw.
  2. Route cable so it exits the Zoneline unit where the power cord does (or however is suitable for your installation).
  3. Replace the Zoneline front grille.

That's it. Enjoy!!