Light Sensor Fix, Quirky Spotter Uniq

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Quirky Spotter Uniq

Problem: Spotter Uniq floods Wink and the activity log with light events. The internal light sensor is actually picking up the activity LED flashing.

This problem can be solved with some minor modification to the unit. This might be a fix for a small amount of users (since not many have this spotter), but this is also a look inside for those who don't have one.

Photos Notes
UniqLF01.jpg Spotter Uniq with cover removed. Twist off back cover and insert a small precision flat head screwdriver between the seam of the rear and front case. The front should pop away from the rear.
UniqLF02.jpg Spotter Uniq PCB Obverse, showing light sensor, temperature sensor, vibration sensor, and PIR sensor.
UniqLF03.jpg Spotter Uniq PCB reverse showing the Wifi module.
UniqLF04.jpg To fix the false light problem, I cut up a piece of Mr. Clean Magic eraser, clipping the corners to avoid the other sensor inputs. I cut a hole in the middle to allow the LED to shine through. The magic eraser is thick, but compresses down nicely when the case is snapped back together. Tested in a dark garage, the light sensor only reports actual light now, not the LED flashing!

Pictures and procedure by Paul Ferrara