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Using the Blue Iris security software, you can make most IP cameras interact with Wink through IFTTT


  1. Log into and connect the "Maker" channel. Note the value next to "Your Key Is"
  2. Create a new recipe
  3. Chose "Maker" as your "THIS"
  4. Chose "Receive a web request"
  5. Enter a word that will be your trigger word. i.e. "PorchCameraAlert", "DriveCameraAlert", etc...
  6. Chose "Wink: Shortcuts" as you "THAT" (or anything else you want, I flash LIFX bulbs when I get a camera alert)
  7. Chose "Activate Shortcut"
  8. Pick your shortcut
  9. Click "Create Recipe"

Blue Iris

  1. In Blue Iris, open a camera's properties and go to the "Alerts" tab.
  2. Check "Request from a web service"
  3. Click "Configure" next to the "Request from a web service" line
  4. In the "When Triggered" section, select "https://" and enter ""
    • Replace "eventname" above with the word you want to trigger you IFTTT recipe from step 5 in the IFTTT setup.
    • Replace "yourkey" above with the Key provided in step 1 of the IFTTT setup
  5. If you want to pass additional info into IFTTT populate "POST text" with "{ "value1" : "yourvalue", "value2" : "yourvalue", "value3" : "yourvalue" }"
    • replace the "yourvalue" parts with the information you want to pass. i.e. The name of the camera, or anything else you might need for the "THAT" part of the recipe
  6. Click OK all the way out.


  • Some other ideas for Blue Iris and IFTTT: IFTTT_Recipes
  • I really like my Amcrest cameras. They are inexpensive comparatively, and are of great quality. Any IP Camera that is compatible with Blue Iris (which is most) will work just fine.

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