Pellet Stove Remote Control by Jon Jenkins

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Pellet Stove Remote Control by Jon Jenkins

The pellet stove controller needs to have thermostat connections for this to work.

This mockup uses a different faceplate than what I linked to.

  • I prefer to have the finished look of the precut plate even though it doesn't seal as tightly.
  • The plate I chose does not require you to "notch" the switch as shown in the picture.
  • The face I chose should allow you to put the mounting posts on the top if you so choose.

Parts Needed:

some thermostat wire
Any similarly thing wire should work
120v DPDT Relay
8-plug Relay Socket
Multipurpose Nylon Binding Posts
2-gang Box
(If you don't get the linked box,
make sure you get closure plugs
to seal all holes but one.)
2-gang cover
Preferably Decora and blank
A Wink-Compatible On/Off switch
(Make sure it's a normal on/off
and not an aux or dry contact)
Pick One from here...
Switches, Hardwired
A power cord
(You could also disassemble a spare
power strip or snip the end off of
a computer power cord)

Creating a robot and having a temperature sensor somewhere would allow for using it to maintain a certain temperature band.