Quirky Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank

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Quirky Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank
Compatibility Officially Supported
Manufacturer Quirky
Model/Part # Porkfolio
Network Type WiFi
Category(s) Other Stuff
Type(s) Quirky Gadgets

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Weatherproof Xmark.png
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Tunable White Xmark.png
It Speaks Xmark.png
Touchscreen Xmark.png
Voice-Controlled Xmark.png

CONFIRMED WORKING: Officially Supported

Quirky Porkfolio Smart Piggy Bank


Porkfolio is the world's smartest piggy bank. It wirelessly connects to an app on your mobile device so you can track your balance and set financial goals from afar. Its nose lights up in celebration every time a U.S. coin is inserted and it holds up to $100 in quarters (cha ching!).


  • A piggy bank that syncs with an app that allows you to check your balance and set goals. It's a full-on financial institution!
  • Alerts are triggered by Porkfolio's built-in accelerometer to protect your savings from shenanigans. All you'll have to worry about is bringing home the bacon.
  • While Porkfolio is adult friendly, it really shines when teaching the lil' ones about money and responsibility. Piggy banks are way more fun when the Internet's inside.


When you do the actual blink up and the Porkfolio nose starts flashing green, remove the batteries. After 5 seconds or so, put the batteries back in. Pairing should succeed.



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