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Welcome to the Wink@Home Wiki! This is an unofficial repository for the Wink ecosystem of home automation equipment.

General Wink Information

Wink FAQ

Compatible Devices

Below are several ways of looking for compatible devices in the WIKI, but first, here are 2 links to consider...

  1. This is a list of devices I'd like to test that may be Wink compatible. If you have any of these devices, please let me know if they work with Wink or not
  2. This is an Amazon wishlist of all device on the Wink@Home WIKI compatibility list. If something doesn't look like it belongs there, search for it in the wiki, it might be part of a Wink compatible project, but not directly compatible with Wink

Compatible Devices (Alphabetical by Company)
Compatible By Type (Switches, Sensors, Security, Etc...)
Compatible By Technology (Z-Wave, WiFi, Etc...)

Wink How-To's, Hacks, & Ideas

Hack all the Things

Community Links

Community Links