Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Enabled Programmable Thermostat

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Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Enabled Programmable Thermostat
Compatibility Officially Supported
Manufacturer Honeywell
Model/Part # YTH8320ZW1007/U
Network Type ZWave
Category(s) HVAC
Access Control, Security & Monitoring
Type(s) Thermostat
Sub-Type(s) Temperature

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Weatherproof Xmark.png
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Tunable White Xmark.png
It Speaks Xmark.png
Touchscreen Checkmark.png
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CONFIRMED WORKING: Officially Supported

Honeywell YTH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Enabled Programmable Thermostat


Honeywell's VisionPRO Z-Wave offers you top-of-the-line features like touchscreen interaction, a real-time clock, and a large, easy-to-read backlit display.

Honeywell Z-Wave Enabled Programmable Thermostat can be integrated with other home automation devices. Universal scheduling - Can be configured to meet virtually ANY scheduling requirement: Selectable 7-Day Programmable; Four daily periods; Cancel unneeded periods; Selectable non-programmable; Universal application, Heating and cooling energy savings set points allows the homeowner to put the thermostat into a energy savings mode from the other Z-Wave devices; Large, clear backlit display with a viewing area of 10-Square Inch; Ability to select multiple days (patented) - Allows the consumer to easily customize the thermostat for his or her own unique schedule; Menu driven programming - Guides the user through the programming process only showing necessary information and choices on each screen; Programmable fan; Multiple hold options - Fixed temporary hold, adjustable temporary hold and permanent hold; Changeover - Can configure for auto or manual system changeover; Smart Response Technology; Real Time clock - Keeps time during a power failure and will automatically update the time for daylight savings. The Tech Support Line is on the package and in the installation manual.


  • One-touch temp control overrides program schedule at any time.
  • Precise comfort control keeps temperature within 1 degree F of the level you set.
  • Change/check reminders let you know when to service or replace filters and other critical components.
  • Large touchscreen display with backlight is easy to read — even in the dark.
  • Z-Wave wireless control lets you connect the thermostat to a Z-Wave network.
  • Hazmat Information: UN 3091 Lithium metal batteries packed in/with equipment
  • Electrical Ratings: 18 to 30 Vac
  • The YTH8320ZW1007 includes the TH8320ZW1000 thermostat plus the THP9045A1023 wiresaver module.
  • Z-Wave delivered messages allows the thermostat to be added to or removed from a Z-Wave controller.Wire saver allows for use without a common wire.
  • Intuitive adjustment for precise comfort control, easy to use touch screen display and extra large backlit display with natural language
  • Menu Driven programming guides the user through the programming process only showing necessary information and choices on each screen
  • Thermostat operating message feature sends a message containing the status of the HVAC equipment


  • Universal Programming from 7 Day to Non-Programmable
  • Terminal Designations: R, RC, C, W-O/B, W2-E/Aux, Y, Y2, G, L, K, S1, S2
  • Changeover: Auto or manual


  1. This product is a Z-Wave compatible thermostat and is a slave thermostat that works in conjunction with a Z-Wave hub supplied by companies such as Mi Casa Verde, etc.
  2. This item requires a common wire (5th wire) to power the unit. Without the common wire this unit will not power up. Instructions as well as a wire saver module are provided with the unit.
  3. The unit will operate based on the commands of the ZWAve system, so if it is not working in conjunction with a Z-Wave hub, it will not operate correctly.
  4. This unit is compatible with a large majority of conventional and heat pump systems.



  1. Although I do my best to verify every product that is reported as compatible, things do change.
    • Firmware updates to either hub might render previously-compatible devices inoperable. Usually, problems like this are reported and addressed by Wink.
  2. Inclusion in this Wiki is a very good indicator of compatibility, but is not a guarantee.
    • One thing to be aware of is that "ZWave Plus" devices might not work with the Wink Hub (1st version), though they should work with the Wink Hub 2.
  3. I use a Wink Hub 2 as my primary controller.
    • My testing is done on the Wink Hub 2.
    • I try to find out if devices reported by others are Hub 1 or Hub 2, but I'm not always able to find out.
  4. I am a beta tester.
    • This means my hub might work with a device that won't work for the general public.
    • I try to avoid adding article for devices that are only compatible with the Wink beta firmware, but sometimes, something slips through.
    • If I report that it works, but it does not work for you, chances are it will start working for you in the near future.